A Real Life Version of Portal (Short Story)

The game Portal (and the equally, if not more clever Portal 2) is regarded as one of the best puzzle games of all time.  The gameplay is really fun, and the storyline pulls you in to the world created by the talented team at Valve. In this live action short film by Dan Trachtenberg, fans can ravel … Continue reading A Real Life Version of Portal (Short Story)


The Overwatch Cinematic Trailers

True to a passion for quality work on both the inside and outside of everything they do, the team at Blizzard built cinematic trailers to amplify the personalities of the characters in this incredible game. With a blend of art and science, these beautiful short stories showcase Blizzard's technical capabilities and talent in character development. https://youtu.be/RBaETRLgpXM

The Stunning Visual Effects of Star Trek

In the thirteenth Star Trek movie from the franchise, the visual effects are a little different than those of the previous series. In all development, graphic and story effect companies must collaborate to create a believable world.  From character appearance, to what the actors are viewing on computer terminals, the experience must be an authentic one. … Continue reading The Stunning Visual Effects of Star Trek