There’s a reason Apple products look and feel beautiful.

Apple aims for a premium brand with elegant design, which means quality on the outside and inside.  This blend of high quality mixed with incredible design results in a device that could suffice as a piece of art as much as a piece of technology.

To get people to love their device, the iPhone couldn’t just be another piece of rigid technology (as was just about every mobile phone before it).  The feel of the device had to connect emotionally to the owner.

So can you even have an emotional connection with a device?  And what is it about Apple products make them so appealing?

One of the reasons is shape.  From the edges of the devices, to the apps that run on them, the rounded corners produce a modern, smooth, and non-threatening feel.  The minimalist design is elegant, clean, and inviting.

Animators use shapes in character design and storytelling to leverage a similar effect.  Lovable characters tend to be round.  Threatening characters tend to be pointy.  Sturdy characters are square.

In this short, thought-provoking video from “Now You See It” the crew does a great job demonstrating the concepts behind shapes in storytelling, and how they can be used to influence feelings and thoughts toward what we see.


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